Tribute to a Blue Star Mom

That little child you held in your arms,

Won you over with their gurgling charms.

Over and over, you spoke of your love,

And prayed for their safety to God above.

As each day passed you helped them grow,

You wiped their tear when they stubbed their toe.

You sat freezing at games so you didn’t miss a play,

You sat up all night ‘cause they had been sick all day.

Through the years you guided their ways,

And sat in the crowd as they acted in plays.

You entertained friends and tried to be cool,

But as all moms know, that’s against the rule.

For holidays and birthdays, you did everything right,

They said “I Love You” when you tucked them in at night.

The sacrifices were many, but they’ll never know,

‘Cause for a mom, it’s just called ‘status quo’.

To watch them grow wasn’t always easy at best,

Their joys and their trials rarely gave us a rest.

The years went by but we stayed through it all,

The thick and the thin, we were always on call.

A mom’s love for her child is one of a kind,

No one can define the true ties that bind.

The time had come to make their mark on the world,

We then noticed their gaze as our flag unfurled.

Then came the day, they said they would serve,

To let them go took all of our nerve.

Now we must wait with a silent prayer,

That God will always keep them in his care.

We are proud of them, so bold and true,

As they protect the ways of the red, white and blue.

Our love goes with them wherever they are,

We’re their mom always, whether near or far.

To the world they bring pride wherever they’re seen,


Author: Nancy Foisner

© Copyright 2021, Blue Star Moms Houston Area. All Rights Reserved.

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