Blue and Gold Star Banners

The Blue Star

Blue Star Mothers of America are mothers who now have, or have had, children serving in the military. Our members hang blue star banners in their windows whenever their children join the armed forces. The blue star stands for hope and pride, as well as designating the number of children who are serving. The blue star banner will have a star for each child serving in the military.

The thoughts of the Blue Star Mothers are with their children every day, no matter where they serve. They join together to give support to each other and to all of those serving in the military. Blue Star Mothers are there when their sons or daughters head overseas to combat, share fears, tears, joys and hopes while their children are serving, and finally, they are there to rejoice and shower them with love when they return home safely. Blue Star Mothers are a source of support and strength for the tough times, including when a love one returns home injured.

The Gold Star

The blue star turns to gold when a service member is killed or has died during active duty. The gold star stands for sacrifice to the cause of liberty and freedom. Blue Star Moms of Houston Area present official gold star banners to the parents and spouse of fallen military in the Houston area.

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